Two Kinds of Answers - DRAGOS CALIN
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Two Kinds of Answers

Whenever you sell something you may expect two kinds of answers:

  1. A “How much?” before they test it, pilot it, trial it. This is the kind of haggle or rates fishing most of the buyers do these days.
  2. A “How much?” after they’ve tested it, piloted it, trialed it. This is when a sell is properly done or when your service or product is well known in the market as trustful.

Whatever you get it’s the result of checking the answers to THE SIX WHYS:

  1. Why change?
  2. Why now?
  3. Why your industry solution?
  4. Why you and your company?
  5. Why your product or service?
  6. Why spend the money?

Try them on the last buy you’ve made. It may be a gadget, a car or your house.

They must all be checked once you are in the possession of that thing.

The best Sales talk price only when the other 5 whys are checked.