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Prepare for the Era of Non-Verbal Sales

Today most of the Customers often take their buying decision in Sales Person’s absence.

You go to a store to check a product. The clerk is asking you “How can I help you?” and your most probable answer would be “Just checking!” 🙂

Most of us take the buying decision based on a self-talk and a thorough internet check, in the absence of relationship and other product or service unexposed or unknown qualities.

The internet check is based on some of the following criteria:

  • Price
  • Customers’ reviews
  • Popularity
  • Newest
  • Bundle of products

So why would a company employ Sales anymore? It’s a question that more and more businesses are asking it together with massive cut on Sales headcount.

Tack International came up with the following ranking for Buyers’ view on Sales people:

  1. Questioning and listening skills
  2. Knowledge of client’s business
  3. Knowledge of client’s market
  4. Product knowledge
  5. Sales person manner

It is up to each Salesrep on which side she wants to play.

One can be erased by the non-verbal approach because whatever she does is encouraging it OR she can adapt and survive by embracing customers’ business and developing her relationship and questioning skills.

A question is the most powerful way to stop somebody else’s train of thought. That is capturing attention. And attention is getting scarcer and scarcer every day.

You want it? Do your best to secure it for yourself, your product, your company.

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