Good Times, Bad Times - DRAGOS CALIN
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Good Times, Bad Times

Beginning of each summer I pick up my son from the airport as he is coming from UK to Romania for his big vacation.

This time we opted for a checked in luggage for him to be on the safe side when talking about clothes. Kids these days…

As he is 17, he still needs to be accompanied by a flight attendant, rules imposing it until he turns 18.

On the way out of Henri Coanda airport, he got stuck in a group of other 5 minors, waiting for all to get in the possession of their luggage.

Situation got out of hand for the lady accompanying them when I asked her to release him before the full pack get their luggage as his was already received.

Procedure kicked in and all I got was a strict explanation that I need to wait until all get their bags because the rule says this way.

With the hope that somebody from the civil aviation would drop an eye on this article, here is the thing:

In normal times and when things go right, equal attention for your customers will do just fine, basis the service or product offered or chosen.

But when things go wrong and damage control activates, the customers need focused and unequal attention with the single aim of getting back to the contracted normal state.

We all mess it up from time to time, the difference in a customer centric organization is made by the speed of coming back to normal, no matter the deviation, for each and every customer affected. A customized corrective action for their own needs and predicament.